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Texavie MarsWear

Smart apparel for the capture of movement data and health analytics. 2021-current


Casca's custom support system, tailored to each customer's unique feet. 2019-2021


Using the standard insole as a base we identified key features of the support. Through a combination of wear testing and consultations with orthotists, a set of rules was created to tune this support. Customers have an opportunity to ask for a refit, and from these cases we learn to adjust our rules over time for different fit preferences.

Casca shoes were developed with an orthotist to satisfy the need for support in everyday shoes. SmartFit takes this a step further by tailoring the insoles to each customer's needs using a 3D scan of the feet and manufacturing  using 3D printing.

The standard insole already offered more comfort than other shoes, so SmartFit's goal is to offer an upgrade using a combination of support, comfort, and fit.


Changing a part of the shoe interior alters the fit of the entire shoe. Fitting insoles can tune support, but also give more or less volume for individual foot anatomy.


Gyroid infill offers strength against transverse pressure even at low densities and better supported the complicated movement of the foot through gait without any major increase in print time or material usage.

Our fluted sidewall was implemented to alleviate a material issue unique to FDM 3d printing - that the outer walls of parts will be more rigid than the interior.


A tech shoe company providing fully custom 3D printed shoes. 2016-2019.


Feetz provided fully custom 3D printed shoes based on 22 dimensions of fit taken from a 3D scan.

In addition to fit, customers also had the option to choose colors and variations on the different styles. 

3D Printed Manufacturing


Customizing products creates unique design and manufacturing challenges. For the wedge lattice pictured here, the lattice had to be optimized for printing a narrow size 6 shoe and a wide size 12, all in a new material.

Design Development

Feetz had an existing manufacturing line and methods that defined the design of the shoes it made. Expanding the collection to include new silhouettes had to push the boundaries of these methods without disrupting manufacturing.

Shoe created in collaboration with Seth Aaron for his 2018 show

Vertical gills printed onto recycled wetsuit fabric provide support for a boot shaft

Custom lattice generation

Concept for reversible driving flat

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